Savings Plans Are Here For Secure Cloud Pods- How To Purchase a Monthly Plan And Save Big

Savings Plans Are Here For Secure Cloud Pods- How To Purchase a Monthly Plan And Save Big

If you are a frequent RunPod customer, you may be interested in our latest feature, Savings Plans. These plans allow you to invest in an up-front payment in a specific pod type that saves you more money the more you use you pod. For individuals with high workloads that anticipate needing significant GPU time over the following month, a savings plan represents an excellent opportunity to "buy in bulk."

How to Purchase a Savings Plan

Savings Plans are available within the Secure Cloud infrastructure only, and the option will appear  after you select a specific pod type to spin up.

The amounts shown in the savings plans factor in the amount of running a pod 24/7 for the full 30 days in a month. This gives you complete access to the pod for the entire month for a 15% discount with a 1-month commitment, and a 20% discount with a 3-month equipment. Please note that discout percentages vary depending on GPU type!

What use cases are Savings Plans useful for?

Savings Plans may not be useful for all RunPod customers, but for those that need uninterrupted access to a pod or those that plan on putting their pod through heavy workloads, Savings Plans are a compelling option. Purchasing a year's worth of three-month savings plans will in effect give you over three weeks of GPU time on that pod for free. Note that this would have to be renewed every 3 months, as we currently do not offer the option to commit for one year up-front. The savings plan will start at purchase time and expire after the length of the plan. Stopping or terminating your pod does not extend your plan!

If you are considering purchasing a savings plan, we highly suggest tracking your pod utilization over the course of a month to see how much you are using. If you are currently using multiple pods on lower end GPUs, you may also want to test your tasks on a higher-end unit to see if consolidating into a single pod with the intention of purchasing a savings plan may be worthwhile.


Do you have any questions on what Savings Plans can do for you? Feel free to reach out to us!