RunPod Serverless Pricing Update

RunPod Serverless Pricing Update
Photo by Jan Huber / Unsplash

We have some good news! We're revamping Serverless pricing to improve our user experience for individuals, startups, and enterprises. The bad news is that if you haven't moved your cloud compute workloads to RunPod yet, that decision might keep you up at night!

With new price changes, we are introducing two different types of Serverless workers to tackle many different use cases. Each worker offers additional concurrency and can handle 1 request at a time or multiple based on your use case.

  • Flex Workers - These handle spikes in your workload and allow you to support higher throughputs without impacting your users. The sum of your Flex and Active workers represents the maximum throughput your Serverless endpoint can support. You can allow your endpoint to scale down to 0 by using only Flex workers.
  • Active Workers - These handle consistent workloads and run 24/7 at much lower costs. Minimum workers will be updated and labeled as Active workers.

Pricing Per Second

GPU Size GPU Type Flex Active (-40%)
16 GB A4000 $0.0002 $0.00012
24 GB A5000 $0.00026 $0.00016
24 GB Pro 4090 $0.00044 $0.00026
48 GB A6000 $0.00048 $0.00029
80 GB A100 $0.0013 $0.00078

New vs Old Price (only Flex)

GPU Size GPU Type Old New
16 GB A4000 $0.00024 $0.0002
24 GB A5000 $0.00030 $0.00026
24 GB Pro 4090 $0.00050 $0.00044
48 GB A6000 $0.00055 $0.00048
80 GB A100 $0.00140 $0.0013

This change to our Serverless worker pricing (including the transition to Active and Flex workers) will go live towards the end of this month. Please reach out to us for any inquiries about Serverless at

The 40% discount on Active Workers is now live. Enjoy!