RunPod Partners With OpenCV To Provide GPU Power To Students

RunPod Partners With OpenCV To Provide GPU Power To Students

The next generation of AI-powered solutions is going to require processing power – and lots of it. OpenCV is a non-profit organization centered around the Open Source Computer Vision Library, which is devoted to driving computer vision applications in the world at large.

OpenCV was one of the original pioneering groups in computer vision, with the library originally being created in 1999, just as GPUs in home PCs were becoming commonplace for the first time. Today, the OpenCV Foundation is one of the leaders in computer vision with several different pillars, such as  OpenCV University to bring computer vision and deep learning to the AI community, OpenCV consulting to bring the best that AI has to offer to enterprises, and the OpenCV AI Kit to implement AI solutions into practical applications. They have partnered with many prestigious Fortune 500 companies such as Intel, Microsoft, and Google, and RunPod is proud to work together with OpenCV to play a part in educating the next generation of AI creators.

Why Providing GPU Compute Power Is Crucial

Enterprise-level applications require a lot of compute power, and students that are just beginning need access to powerful hardware to jumpstart their AI careers. However, high-end GPUs (such as the A100) can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars, so a student purchasing one to learn on is likely out of the question. With the power of RunPod's cloud computing, though, access to this powerful hardware is now a reality.  Investing in future developers by providing access to this level of hardware is what is going to build the next layer of the AI community and to continue to develop the next generation of the exciting products that we know today.

Access to this level of GPU cloud compute enables students to gain an understanding of AI development and quickly and accurately create, train, and test AI models. Students will also have access to larger, more robust models in a convenient, cost-efficient manner. This will not only speed up the learning process but make sure that students stay competitive with their peers and engage in more complex projects than they could have otherwise.  RunPod will provide on-demand GPUs, serverless compute for AI inference and training, and API endpoints for running popular language models, image recognition models, and speech recognition models.

OpenCV and RunPod have kindred missions

Both OpenCV and RunPod have similar missions: to provide AI resources to all levels of the community, from hobbyists to enterprises. With the AI expertise and products that OpenCV offers along with the GPU cloud compute power offered by RunPod, students will have all they need to make the absolute most of their educational investment. Both organizations feel very strongly that AI is community focused, and one of the best ways to give back is to ensure that those learning to contribute have everything they need to make their dreams a reality.