RunPod is Proud to Sponsor the StockDory Chess Engine

RunPod is Proud to Sponsor the StockDory Chess Engine

Chess engines are a powerful tool for players of all levels. They provide an accurate and detailed analysis of the board position, allowing players to rapidly analyze specific positions or entire games. Furthermore, chess engines can be used to test various strategies on different openings or endgames, helping players to find and create new lines that can be used in actual play.

Chess engines also offer a unique way to improve one’s game as they automatically calculate thousands of moves ahead and suggest the best course of action within seconds. This allows players to quickly understand the motivations behind each move and gain a deeper insight into the game. Additionally, it is possible to adjust engine settings in order to focus on specific aspects such as tactics or positional play, enabling players to target their weaknesses and become better rounded.

These engines have a long and storied history that spans decades, becoming widely available to the public in the 1980s through programs like the Chessmaster. As the standard of play continued to evolve, thinking further and further ahead created an ever-increasing decision space that did not come into its own until the rise of parallelized computers such as Deep Blue, and more recently, chess engines such as StockDory.

Why use StockDory?

StockDory is well on moving up the ranks as it currently improves three times faster than its predecessor, StockFish (which itself has its own storied history, having been around since 2008 and is itself a multi-year Top Chess Engine Championship winner.) Like StockFish, StockDory is free and open source, and can easily be set up in very nearly any RunPod instance of your very own if you'd like to try it out. Head on over to their GitHub page to see how you can get it set up in as few as four commands.

As StockDory is licensed under the LGPL-3.0, you can use it in nearly any manner you like, so long that the source code of your project is made open to the public (review their GitHub page for terms and conditions.)


As an official sponsor of StockDory, we're excited to help bring this new up-and-coming chess engine to a wider audience and are very excited to see where it goes. Feel free to contact us on our Discord if you have any questions about setting up or using it!