RunPod Now Offers Encrypted Volumes

RunPod Now Offers Encrypted Volumes

At RunPod, we're always looking to offer more value to our clients. One of the things we take seriously is security. To this end, we have implemented the ability to encrypt your persistent volumes.

RunPod now offers encrypted volumes! This means that you have the option to choose your level of data security!

There are several benefits to using encrypted volumes:

  • Your data will be more secure from cyber criminals and hackers.
  • Encrypted volumes can help prevent data breaches.
  • Your data will be more resistant to malware and other malicious software.

There are also some drawbacks to using encrypted volumes:

  • Encrypted volumes can dramatically reduce performance.
  • They can also be more difficult to manage and troubleshoot.

You can enable volume encryption by checking the "Encrypt Volume" checkbox during deploy.

Note that you can only do this during the deploy step. You cannot change encryption options after the pod is already deployed. We will handle the encryption keys for you if you deploy through the web platform. If you would prefer to choose your own encryption key, you can deploy using the API.

If you have sensitive data that you need to protect, we recommend using encrypted volumes. However, if you do not have sensitive data or if you are unwilling to trade performance for security, we recommend using non-encrypted volumes.

If you have any questions about encrypted volumes or any other features of RunPod, please contact us through Discord, chat, or email. We would be happy to help!