RunPod and Klangio Partner To Bring Music Transcription to Learners and Professionals Alike

RunPod and Klangio Partner To Bring Music Transcription to Learners and Professionals Alike

RunPod is pleased to be the service provider for Klangio, an up-and-coming name in audio space within the artificial intelligence community. Klangio leverages AI to automatically transcribe musical notes to human-readable notation, greatly accelerating the pace of music projects while seamlessly capturing every spontaneous facet of a live musical improvisation.

Klangio's background and inspiration

As described on their website, the idea for Klangio came from co-founder Sebastian Murgul's painstaking transcription of a musical composition from an audio file that his sister wanted to play on her keyboard. This was something that was quite doable, at the expense of having the specialized equipment, knowledge, and time to do so. Klangio takes this same process except with AI doing the legwork - meaning that through their product you can take a musical recording from anywhere (even YouTube), feed it into the service, and immediately have human-readable tablature or sheet music that you can read and play yourself.

In the "old days" learners had to rely on other people to manually transcribe tabs or notes, which meant that even with the Internet, transcribed music that was more on the obscure side was not always easy to come by. Klangio enables you to feed any music you choose into the software to further your own education and enjoyment – completely synced with RunPod's mission to democratize AI processes and knowledge.

Klangio's AI-powered suite of products

Klangio offers a number of different solutions to aid musicians, such as:

  • Piano2Notes for transcribing piano recordings
  • Guitar2Tabs for transcribing acoustic guitar
  • Sing2Notes for transcribing vocal recordings
  • Melody Scanner for transcribing a variety of additional instruments, such as guitar, flute, violin, saxophone, and more

Once transcribed, music can be exported through MusicXML to a wide variety of supporting applications to aid musical performance or discovery.

Perhaps most excitingly, with Klangio's products you can even separate instruments from each other to extract musical notation. Previously, this sort of thing required exclusive access to assets that aren't particularly available to the masses, such as studio master recordings.

Into the Lion's Den

Klangio clearly has faith in their product, demonstrated by their appearance in Die Höhle Der Löwen (lit. The Lion's Den, the German version of Shark Tank.)

And the hosts had some very fine things to say! Host Janna Ensthaler stated, "What's cool is that it picks up every mistake. You can then listen to and say, okay, now I know I need to practice that passage a little." Carsten Maschmeyer also stated that he appreciated what he had seen. Dagmar Wöhrl commented, "It's great, what you have created - I think the product is very, very good, and you have excellent know-how ... you are experts in your area, you clearly have the knowledge and know-how for AI." The team did an excellent job showing that it was not merely identifying music from a pre-existing database, but that it was creating sheet music note by note as the hosts and guests tried it out.

If you'd like to see the team in action on the show, check out the following links: (region locked out of US, may be available in Europe)
Facebook (available to all)

What the future holds

RunPod's scaling architecture enables services like Klangio to grow and serve their userbases and fulfill their missions. With a compute power partner shouldering the technical burden, Klangio is free to fine-tune their offerings and add additional features and instruments without having to manage the technical overhead of managing a GPU data center. RunPod is extremely excited to see where Klangio will go with their product and is dedicated to providing the compute they need to grow into the future.