Refocusing on Core Strengths: The Shift from Managed AI APIs to Serverless Flexibility

RunPod is transitioning from Managed AI APIs to focusing on Serverless solutions, offering users more control and customization with comprehensive guidance.

Refocusing on Core Strengths: The Shift from Managed AI APIs to Serverless Flexibility
Evolving with you: Transitioning to a more flexible and powerful serverless environment.

As we strive to enhance our core infrastructure and streamline our services at RunPod, we have made the strategic decision to sunset our Managed AI APIs (previously referred to as "Endpoints"). This move is designed to sharpen our focus on the robust capabilities of our Serverless platform, which continues to support user endpoints effectively.

Understanding the Transition

The Managed AI APIs have been instrumental for users who wanted to quickly integrate AI functionalities into their projects without handling the underlying infrastructure. As the AI field grows and evolves rapidly, maintaining these APIs has presented significant challenges.

Why We Are Sunsetting Managed AI APIs

The phase-out of the Managed AI APIs is a reflection of our commitment to enhancing our core serverless offerings, which allow greater flexibility and control. By focusing on these core services, we can ensure that our platform remains agile and responsive to the latest technological advancements and user needs.

Alternatives for Users

We are dedicated to making this transition as smooth as possible for our users. Here’s how you can continue to leverage AI functionalities within our Serverless platform, with minimal setup and maximum flexibility:

Simplified Guide to Leveraging Serverless AI Functionalities
  1. Identify Your Needs: Determine the specific AI functionalities that are essential for your applications.
  2. Deploy with Ease: Use our Serverless platform to deploy your AI models without the complexity of managing infrastructure. Explore our easy-to-use quick deploy option.
  3. Customize as Needed: Tailor your setup to meet the unique demands of your projects, with support from our team if needed.

Looking Forward

This change is part of our broader strategy to empower users with more control over their AI deployments while streamlining our own resource allocation. Our Serverless platform will continue to support the creation and management of user-defined endpoints, ensuring you have the tools needed to succeed.

Engage with Us

We invite our users to engage with us for support during this transition. Our team is ready to provide assistance and ensure that your shift to a more customizable serverless environment is successful.


This evolution of our service offerings is a significant step towards a more flexible and user-centric approach. As we sunset the Managed AI APIs, we're enhancing our Serverless solutions to provide you with the freedom and tools to innovate and excel.