New Navigational Changes To RunPod UI

New Navigational Changes To RunPod UI

Today, we are releasing a brand new look to the RunPod control panel, resulting in saved clicks and faster navigation through the platform. A few key changes will need some attention as you get acclimated. Here's a quick rundown of what has changed!

GPU Cloud

Secure and Community Cloud are now combined into one heading on the GPU Cloud page rather than having separate tabs on the menu. You can reach this screen by clicking Pods on the left and then clicking New Pod.

The new dropdown on the Pods page

🧭 Explore

Official RunPod and community pod templates are now discoverable under an explore section.

The new home for ready-to-deploy templates.


GPU Cloud and Serverless Templates are now on the Templates page, with a dropdown to toggle between the two categories. In addition, the Custom Templates language on the left has been changed to simply Templates.

New dropdown on the Templates page

Standardization of Action Buttons

Previously, action buttons (such as "New Template") have not always been in a consistent area in the UI. Now, action buttons have been standardized to show on the top left section of the relevant page. They have also been standardized to have a consistent appearance.

Standardized button (Templates page)
Standardized button (Storage page)
Standardized page (Serverless)


Feel free to contact us via email, Discord, or live support chat - we are here to help!