How to run Huemin's JAX Diffusion on RunPod

How to run Huemin's JAX Diffusion on RunPod

Here's a quick and dirty guide to getting Huemin's JAX diffusion to run on runpod!

Today I figured I'd switch things up a bit and leave you a gif quick start instead of the usual article. It only takes a few minutes to get started with this and all the deps have been sorted out for you in the nb. If you need the notebook file that you should upload to your instance, you can download it from one of these two places: Link 1, Link 2

Please note that it will sit here for quite a few minutes while it downloads models and prepared for the first render cycle:

Be patient and it will start rendering when it's ready. I was getting around 1.5-2s/it on the demo example.


Credits to: Huemin (@huemin_art), for the notebook, Alexander Redde (@alexanderredde3) for working out the deps, and nsheppherd (@nshepperd1) and Rivers Have Wings (@rivershavewings) for Jax Diffusion