Introducing the A40 GPUs: Revolutionize Machine Learning with Unmatched Efficiency

Introducing the A40 GPUs: Revolutionize Machine Learning with Unmatched Efficiency
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In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the need for powerful, cost-effective hardware has never been more critical.

The launch of the A40 GPUs marks a significant milestone in this journey, offering unparalleled performance and affordability.

These GPUs are designed to cater to the needs of professionals and organizations looking to scale their machine learning projects without breaking the bank. Discover how A40s can transform your machine learning workflows.

Product Highlights

  • Unmatched Cost-Effectiveness: The A40 GPUs redefine value, offering high-end performance at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions. Perfect for fine-tuning large language models, these GPUs strike the perfect balance between power and affordability.
  • Seamless Availability: Unlike the latest GPUs that often face shortages, the A40s are readily available in cloud environments. This ensures that your projects can scale without delay, providing immediate access to the computing power you need.

Detailed Overview and Benefits

The A40 GPUs stand out not just for their technical prowess but also for their ability to democratize access to advanced machine learning capabilities. These GPUs are equipped with 48 GB of VRAM, supporting intensive computation tasks without compromising on speed or efficiency.

  • Optimized for Machine Learning: Tailored for fine-tuning large language models, these GPUs provide the ideal environment for your AI projects, ensuring quick and reliable results.
  • Accessibility for All: With a pricing model that starts at approximately $0.79 per hour, the A40 GPUs make high-end computing accessible to a broader range of users and organizations.

Benchmarks (vLLM Benchmarks)

The following benchmarks demonstrate how the A40s stack up against the H100s.


GPU Models Number of GPU AI Models Throughput



($/1m Tokens)

H100 PCIe 80GB 1 LLama-2-13B 1253 $0.86
H100 PCIe 80GB 2 LLama-2-13B 1829.18 $1.18
H100 PCIe 80GB 4 LLama-2-13B 2083 $2.07
H100 PCIe 80GB 8 LLama-2-13B 2125.74 $4.07
A40 PCIe 48GB 1 LLama-2-13B 283.36 $0.77
A40 PCIe 48GB 2 LLama-2-13B 773.76 $0.57
A40 PCIe 48GB 4 LLama-2-13B 1360.29 $0.65
A40 PCIe 48GB 8 LLama-2-13B 1480.8 $1.19


GPU Models Number of GPU AI Models Throughput



($/1m Tokens)

H100 PCIe 80GB 1 Mistral-7B 3053 $0.35
H100 PCIe 80GB 2 Mistral-7B 2983.58 $0.72
H100 PCIe 80GB 4 Mistral-7B 3118.42 $1.39
H100 PCIe 80GB 8 Mistral-7B 3214.49 $2.69
A40 PCIe 48GB 1 Mistral-7B 1538.89 $0.14
A40 PCIe 48GB 2 Mistral-7B 1991.86 $0.22
A40 PCIe 48GB 4 Mistral-7B 2399.12 $0.37
A40 PCIe 48GB 8 Mistral-7B 2431.8 $0.72

Getting Started with the Product

Setting up and utilizing the A40 GPUs is a straightforward process designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow.

For Pods:

Select the A40, when deploying your Pod.
For more informaiton, see the Pod documentation.

For Serverless:

Select the GPU Instance, like 48 GB GPU, then select A40 as the GPU type.
For more informaiton, see the Serverless documentation.

Best Price per Token Options

The following table presents a comparison of different AI models, highlighting their rank, GPU configurations, number of GPUs used, and their respective prices per million tokens to help users identify the most cost-effective options for their needs.

AI Model Rank Configuration Price

($/1m Tokens)

GPU Models Number of GPU
Mistral-7B 1 A40 PCIe 48GB 1 $0.14
2 A40 PCIe 48GB 2 $0.22
3 H100 PCIe 80GB 1 $0.35
LLama-2-13B 1 A40 PCIe 48GB 2 $0.57
2 A40 PCIe 48GB 4 $0.65
3 A40 PCIe 48GB 1 $0.77


The A40 GPUs are not just hardware; they are gateways to advancing your machine learning projects with efficiency and affordability. By choosing these GPUs, you're equipped to tackle the most demanding tasks in AI without compromising on performance or cost.

Explore further by attending a dedicated webinar, visiting the official product page for detailed specifications, or reading case studies to see these GPUs in action.

Embark on your journey with the A40 GPUs and redefine what's possible in machine learning.