How to Get Really Good Results with Dreambooth on RunPod

How to Get Really Good Results with Dreambooth on RunPod
Photo by Johannes Plenio / Unsplash

Ever wanted to start generating your own unique creations using your own custom dreambooth model, but didn't have any idea where to start or what settings to choose? Well, one of our users decided to put together this epically comprehensive guide by running a ton of tests on RunPod! I'm hoping it will give you a good starting point, and maybe solve some of the common problems when getting started with dreambooth training. Enjoy!

Update: Here's how to fix some of the issues when running with the latest versions of dreambooth/automatic1111

Original Video:

Warning: it contains a TON of content

Here's the TOC

0:00 Introduction

0:49 Setup and Install

7:15 Starting experiments

15:49 How to add more disk space to your existing RunPod

17:08 xformers related bug error

18:20 How to resume a failed training

18:49 All tests have been completed time to check their training samples

25:36 Finding a good seed to compare all checkpoints within each trained model

48:30 How to download all decided best checkpoints via runpodctl

49:09 How to use web terminal when jupyter connection is not available

49:56 Where to put downloaded safetensors model files  

51:05 Final Comparison

1:00:20 Conclusion