A1111 Serverless API, Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

A1111 Serverless API, Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

This blog post features a video tutorial from generativelabs.co that provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the Stable Diffusion A1111 API with RunPod Serverless.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, the RunPod & Stable Diffusion Serverless video tutorial offers useful information.

Beginners will find the instructions clear and comprehensive, while advanced users can benefit from the shared tips and tools, like the tutorial's Postman collection for testing your Stable Diffusion A1111 serverless API.

The tutorial takes a practical approach, guiding you through the entire process. It starts with installing the necessary prerequisites, downloading custom models, modifying the Dockerfile and handler file, and finally pushing, deploying, and testing a serverless endpoint in Postman.

The guide covers various Stable Diffusion A1111 APIs, such as txt2img and img2img, and provides a modified handler giving an easy to follow pattern for exposing additional Stable Diffusion APIs beyond those shown.

config = {
    "baseurl": "",
    "api": {
        "txt2img":  ("POST", "/sdapi/v1/txt2img"),
        "img2img":  ("POST", "/sdapi/v1/img2img"),
        "getModels": ("GET", "/sdapi/v1/sd-models"),
        "getOptions": ("GET", "/sdapi/v1/options"),
        "setOptions": ("POST", "/sdapi/v1/options"),
    "timeout": 600

In the video description, you'll find helpful links including:

  • A helper file with access to github for source code.
  • A Postman configuration file for testing your serverless endpoint.
  • A blog post covering additional considerations and lessons learned.

With the knowledge gained from this tutorial, you're well-equipped to explore further. So, dive in, experiment, and tap into the possibilities that await you with RunPod Serverless.